Vip coach

Do you want to bring a group in style and luxury to a destination within the Benelux? Then a bus from vip coach rental company might be the solution you're looking for! Our VIP coaches distinguish themselves from other buses by the unique adjustments. Thanks to these adjustments, the VIP coaches can be deployed on various types of occasions. When you rent a VIP coach from us you are assured of an ultimate experience.

VIP coach rental, the properties:

  • Modern multimedia system
  • Wireless speech system
  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • Luxury kitchen corner
  • Professional sound system
  • Multiple LCD video monitors
  • Total round seat (unique in Europe)
  • Leather & comfortable seats
  • Meeting facilities
  • Catering options
  • Possibility of lettering
  • and much more..

VIP Coach rental for various occasions

Our VIP coaches offer opportunities for various types of events, both business and private. The total round seat ensures that the VIP coaches are very multifunctional. This makes the buses suitable for meetings or parties on the road. You can not name it or it's possible with our luxury buses. Let us know for what kind of occasion you want to hire a VIP coach and we will ensure that the bus fully meets your wishes. With vip coach rental you are assured of a special experience.

As you can read above, the bus can be used for various types of occasions. Below you will find an overview of common occasions where our buses are used:

  • Product and company presentation
  • Exhibition stand and congresses
  • Staff party
  • Wedding transportation
  • Artist transport
  • Shuttle service during events
  • VIP transportation
  • Meetings 
  • and much more...

Choose from one of these VIP coaches

With us you can choose from different models of VIP coaches. We have a suitable bus available for every group and occasion. You can rent the following VIP coaches:

  • VIP bus for up to 5 people
  • VIP bus up to 8 people
  • VIP bus for up to 16 people
  • VIP bus for up to 35 people
  • VIP bus for up to 50 people
  • And much more...

Rent a VIP coach?

Do you want to rent a VIP coach? Then we recommend that you complete the quote form. Based on this information, we can make a customized offer for you. You can usually expect an answer within a few working days. Do you have any questions beforehand? Then you can always contact us, our contact details can be found on the contact form.

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Louise Franssen: De vipcoach hebben we tijdens een event ingezet
om de juryleden in te huisvesten. Vanuit de vipcoach konden zij 
zicht houden op de diverse springvelden.
Tinne Grummelaer: Een touringcar met een zakelijke uitstraling, 
belettering, catering op maat en een totale rondzit. Een unieke en 
exclusieve beleving.
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