Do you want to be transported in a very special way to a destination in Belgium or the Netherlands? Then our VIP coach might be something for you! You will be picked up with one of the most exclusive buses in Europe. The VIP coach is the solution for every transport problem! This VIP coach has a range of multimedia and entertainment for a luxurious experience.

The VIP coach - Can be widely used

The multifunctional VIP coach is widely applicable. For example, the unique arrangement of the seats in a round makes the bus ideal for use as a conference bus. This arrangement can be compared with the arrangement of a limousine. You are all sitting in a big round, which makes it a nice VIP bus for, for example, staff outings or bachelor parties.Within Europe there is no VIP bus with a similar setup.

The VIP coach, on various occasions

Whether you are looking for luxury transport for a business or private occasion, it is all possible with this VIP coach rental company. Below you will find an impression of the various occasions where our VIP coach can be seen regularly.

  • Shuttle service
  • VIP or artist transport
  • Promotional actions
  • Artist transport
  • Meetings
  • Exhibition stands, road shows and congresses.

The properties of our vipcoach

  • Professional & powerful sound system
  • Luxury seats with leather upholstery
  • Business interior
  • Total round seat (unique in Europe)
  • Wireless speech system
  • Branding options
  • Luxury kitchen corner
  • Blinded windows
  • Modern multimedia installation
  • Wireless Internet Access Point (optional)
  • Multiple LCD video monitors
  • Extensive catering options
  • And much more...

huren vipcoachhuren vip coach

More information about VIP Coach rental

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of VIP coach rental. For the rates and availability, please refer to the quote form. Once you have completed this form, you can expect a customized quote within a few working days. For other questions you can contact us.


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