In a couple of months you are responsible to organise a business trip for the board of directors. Vipbus Rental can offer you the rental solution for this transfer. If you take a look at our website, discover what we can do for your vipbus rental.

our experience and products distinguish themselves from the competition. drives for differtent companies in the following cities:

Vipbus Rental is active in:

Big decissions in big cities. This is vipbus rental from a different level. There are a lot of big international and Belgium compaies that are located in Antwerp and Brussels. They need transportation to different accommodations. Vipbus rental can offer you different kind of vehicles with a lot of different features to use your transfer time as good as possible.

Rental vipbusVipbus Rental

Characteristics of the fleet

  • Total round seating 
    • meetings and presentation
  • Wireless microphones
  • Catering facilities
  • Digital climat controle
  • Branding possibilities
  • Night blue color setting
  • 8 to 50 persons capacity
  • Wireless Internet Access Point
  • and many more

The different features are a result of market research among our target group. Our marketing department has analysed the results and processed the results when building the different vipbusses. To proivide vipbus rental we are working together with different companies to insure the best way to travel. We can offer you the following options:

Vipbis rental Belgium, our fleet

  • The Reference VIP Lounge
  • The Experience CIP Lounge 
  • The Executive Mobile Conference Room
  • Several 16 persons VIP busses
  • Multiple Small VIP Coaches to 8 persons
  • Executive cars ( BMW, Tesla, Mercedes )
  • and many more

Are you interested in vipbus rental of the highest level? Please fill in the enquiry form with your details. After receiving your form, our sals department can answer your question or calculate your transfer


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